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Current Location: Torrance, CA 90505                                Willing to travel 100%
American Citizen                                                  




Over twenty three years of experience in Information Technology. Have strong background with Java, SQL, TIBCO, iWay, PL/SQL, and a wide variety of other software technologies.

Excellent background in Enterprise Application Integration work.  Enjoy meeting with stakeholders, gathering all of the project requirements, finding the best solutions, documentation, coding, implementation, integration, production support, quality assurance, testing, and maintenance.


Company Job Title Start End
Independent ConsultantInformation Builders Inc.




Quovera Corporation

Oracle Corporation


Airborne Express


Rosemount Inc.

Magnavox Advanced Products

ConsultantSenior Integration Consultant

Senior Software Developer

Senior Technical Consultant

Lead Engineer

Principal Consultant/Architect

Principal Consultant

Computer Consultant

Computer Consultant

Computer Consultant

Senior Engineer/Software

Scientific Programmer/Analyst

May 2009Sep 2008

Nov 2007

Aug 2003

Apr 2001

Apr 2000

Jul 1997

Jan 1995

Jul 1994

Oct 1993

Apr 1990

Jun 1986

PresentApr 2009

May 2008

Oct 2007

Jul 2003

Mar 2001

Apr 2000

Jul 1997

Jan 1995

Jul 1994

Oct 1993

Apr 1990


Current: Tomcat/JSP/Servlet/(X)HTML, CSS

iWay Products/Training (2008 – 2009): 

CE 970 –  iWay Service Manager; internal training (iSM, Designer); iW290 – Transformer Fundamentals (Internal Technical Training); Internal consultant training (general, with some WebFOCUS); iWay Service Manager 5.5, 5.6, 6.0 –  iWay Data, Quality Center (DQC) with internal training, tutorials.

TIBCO Products/Training: BusinessWorks, Integration Manager (IM), ActiveDatabase Adapter (ADB), MessageBroker with EMS, Hawk, RV and RVRD, InConcert; Over 6 years experience with TIBCO, including working directly with the company managers, developers and architects while at Oracle.

Oracle Products/Training: RDBMS, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Designer 2000, Developer 2000: Forms 6i, 5.0, 4.5 & 3.0, Reports 6i, 3.0, 2.5, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Oracle Apps 11i AR/AP Interface API.; Over 10 years experience with Oracle, including working directly with the company. Oracle8: New Features for Developers, Oracle8 DBA, Java for Oracle Developers, Designer 2000: Creating Objects, Developer 2000 Forms 4.5 Part 1, Developer 2000 ReportWriter 2.5, Developer 2000 Overview.

 J2EE: BEA WebLogic  (including JSP, Servlets, EJB, EJB QL, XML, XSD)

 Vitria Products/Training: BusinessWare 3.01, BusinessWare Product Overview (vM-100): April 2000; BusinessWare Design Methodology and Deployment (vM-140): May 2000.

Programming Languages:  Java, PL/SQL, SQL, C, C++, FORTRAN, others

Scripts: JavaScript, ECMA, sh, ksh, csh, Perl, others

Other: leadership, process cycle skills, multiple O/S and Hardware.


Independent Consulting                                                                  May 2009 – Present


Creating Tomcat/JSP/Servlet/HTML/CSS-based application for personal use. Did a PowerPoint TIBCO  Publish/Subscribe PowerPoint presentation for Kelton Consulting.  

 Information Builders Inc.             Sep 2008 – Apr 2009

Senior Integration Consultant 

 Worked with one other IBI consultant on the Lansing, MI; Phase II project: Vision Air.  Modeled after Phase I.  The project runs completely within a single iSM instance (version 5.5 with an ArcGIS Adapter, with iWay Designer PFLOWS, and iWay Transformer transformations. The project was successfully completed on schedule.

 Six VisionAir Channels were created for performing several parallel operations.  Specific fields, located in reported Incident records, are extracted from an MS SQL Server 2005 database for integration with an ArcGIS Server and WebFOCUS.   Each Incident gets mapped to a particular street or street intersection.  Records with various issues, such as incomplete or incorrect information, are emailed to a configurable, designated analyst for each of the jurisdictions and corrected. 

 Various security agencies throughout Lansing and surrounding areas share the data and utilize many of the mapping and reporting capabilities. 

 My work focused on creating PFLOWS and CHANNELS for routing emails, error handling, and resubmit of corrected records. Although the architecture was modeled after the Phase I project, there were numerous differences that were due to the multiple participants (only one in Phase I – at least 6 in Phase II), a different database with different tables and columns, business rules, and so forth.

Received a large amount of formal and informal training (please see above) and was mentored by a seasoned IBI veteran while working on the Lansing, MI VisionAir project.

 Ponvia                                                                 Nov 2007 – May 2008

Senior Software Developer (Consultant at Toyota Financial Services, Torrance CA)

Wrote Java, POJO, JSP, Spring Beans, WSDL, XML, XSD with Eclipse IDE,  and ANT for developing, building  BEA Weblogic applications – Worked on proprietary Interactive Voice Recognition software creation based on a State Machine with web service connections to TIBCO BusinessWorks via WSDL.  Interacted with Genesys and URS system on front end by generating Voice XML scripts with JSP and POJO classes.

Was lead software developer working with Architect and one other developer on GVP 2.0 release for Toyota Financial Services. Added brand new Insurance call flows, and extended several other existing call flows.  Had to reverse engineer, and explain existing GVP 1.0 system to another developer in the process. The project was completed on schedule and is saving TFS money because the callers do not need to contact a service representative as often. 

 Perficient                                                       Aug 2003 – Oct 2007

Senior Technical Consultant

Client: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA –

Member of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) team in the IT department at BPA, developing EAI Adapters/Connectors using TIBCO BusinessWorks, Integration Manager, ADB/SDK Pub/Sub, Request/Reply, SOAP, Operation servers, and so on.  The integration works very well and integrates over 40 different systems.

 The system utilizes RVRD to cross networks, subnets and firewalls. Team created/used Hawk Rulebases to monitor the EAI system, start/stop components, and provide 24/7 support on the client’s Production system in addition to the SW development. Team supported DEV and TEST environments for end users and developers (currently mostly supporting DST changes/regression testing). Over 40 Adapter/Connector components connecting to “landing zone” tables (MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Informix), API interfaces (e.g. Sungard/ACES).  Facilitated the flow of Schedules, Meter, Weather, Billing, Load Forecasts throughout BPA by designing and implementing Enterprise Classes.

Trained BPA staff on the production support, supplying technical requirements for conversion of some TIBCO components into Informatica ETL, creating Daylight Saving Time test cases to help facilitate testing due to the new DST dates, doing some maintenance on the EAI components, upgrading to Java 1.5 (for DST), and doing my production support weekly rotations (group has shrunken from 7 down to just 3 of us now so this occurs more frequently).

Created some small programs for an OpenLink Endur using their scripting language, so BPA could import existing “Deals” from their legacy during a “slow” period between developing adapters.

 Manugistics (aquired WDS)                      Apr 2001 – Jul 2003

Lead Engineer

WDS was aquired by Manugistics in May 2002.  Our team’s product was NetWORKS Procurement (formerly Buying Advantage) – an Oracle-based procurement system for complex manufacturing. Our main customer was Boeing and another was BAE Systems (manufacturer of the Harrier Jump Jet).  Was technical lead for the following successfully completed projects:

Document Archival, Distribution, & Rendering (DADR); Jan 2002 – Jul 2003

This time frame included extensive work, with one other team member in developing a new J2EE-based architecture for the NetWORKS Procurement middleware components. DADR was the first component to be developed in the new J2EE environment. DADR is a J2EE 1.3 replacement for the NetWORKS Procurement Print Manager component. (C++ and PL/SQL). The DADR handles the Archival, distribution and rendering of documents (PO, PR, RFQ) with their associated attachments. Reports are generated via Oracle Reports Server (6i or 9i).

My J2EE programming work for DADR included the creation of stateless session beans, Container Managed Persistent (CMP) entity beans for the Reporter, Logger, and NWP database APIs. Designed and implemented extensive PL/SQL RDBMS interface, SQL, and Unix installation shell scripts.

The Trading Exchange Connection (see TEC functionality described below), was migrated into the J2EE -based DADR, as an optional add-on component for a second DADR delivery. The TEC was successfully redesigned and implemented on schedule, and praised by management for its high quality. The new TEC removed the dependency on TIBCO/RV, updated the documents to xCBL 3.5, and included numerous additional features all made possible through the J2EE architecture and WebLogic.

 Trading Exchange Connection (TEC) [Java, JSP, Oracle, TIBCO] ; Apr 2001 – Jan 2002

As Project Lead (team size ranged between 5-7): Performed analysis, design, implementation and documentation work for the Trading Exchange Connection (TEC), to connect Buying Advantage to external vendor e-market sites such as Exostar/Commerce One. TEC is a muti-threaded, multi-component application written in Java, JSP, XML, and PL/SQL with Oracle tables utilizing the TIBCO/RV message bus.

The main component that I designed and implemented was named the Document Exchange Manager (DEM) – a multi-threaded Java application. The DEM communicates via HTTP(S) with various Java Server pages on Tomcat to either create (outbound) or consume (inbound) xCBL 3.02 (XML-based) Order and OrderResponse documents. This 1.0 implementation communicates with external systems over the TIB/RV bus with another Java application named the C1 Adapter.

Quovera Corporation                            Apr 2000 – Mar 2001                                                        

Principal Consultant/Architect, with the following clients:

 FreightSoft, Longbeach, CA [Oracle Apps 11i Project]; Oct  2000 – Mar 2001

Created AP Supplier interface to the Oracle PO Vendor tables from scratch. Created several other interfaces to existing Oracle 11i APIs (AR/AP Invoice, Customer). Interface modules are all written as PL/SQL stored packages and procedures. Modified an Oracle Apps report (Oracle Report Builder 6i).

 RainMaker, Scotts Valley, CA [Vitria Project]; May 2000 – Oct 2000

Performed analysis, design and implementation work for RainMaker’s EAI system. Utilized Vitria BusinessWare 3.01. Created Java applications and SQL scripts for this MiddleWare implementation. Was the technical lead during the analysis phase of the project. Worked directly with the client, other MVC developers and various third parties throughout the entire phase one implementation. Developed and/or assisted in the development of: business object definitions, UML Use-Case diagrams, Informix and Oracle interface schemas (SQL triggers and tables), and Vitria BusinessWare connector implementation (Java and GUI configuration).

Oracle Consulting Services                         Jul 1997 – Apr 2000

Principal Consultant, with the following clients:

 24 Hour Fitness, Carlsbad, CA; Mar 2000 – Apr 2000

Created an Assessment document for the Client evaluating various connectivity technologies to allow dynamic data exchange between two of the client’s databases: a legacy MultiValue Pick database and an Oracle Database.

GE Capital, Plymouth, OH [TIBCO Project]; Jan 2000 – Feb 2000

Worked on a TIBCO “proof of concept” to show that the TIB/ActiveDatabase Adapter can publish from a Progress Database. Work involved TIB/MessageBroker, ActiveDatabase Adapter, Oracle 8i, and Progress V7.3E. No other TIBCO or Oracle consultants are involved.

SSIT, Columbus, OH [TIBCO Project]; Nov 1999 – Jan 2000

Involved in various design/development tasks of the SingleSourceIT Order Entry System. Designed and implemented Oracle database schemas for Reporting and Accounting databases. Installed and configured the TIB/ActiveDatabase Adapter (ADB). Wrote triggers for staging tables residing on 3rd party order entry system (FourthChannel) on SQL Server Release 7.

UMC Group, Taiwan [TIBCO Project]; Jun 1999 – Nov 1999

Involved in various requirements analysis, design/development tasks of the UMC Customer Information System (CIS) integrating Oracle8I and TIBCO Active/Enterprise with Web-based front-end development. Configured TIBCO ActiveDatabase Adapter, designed Database schema, installed Oracle 8i, installed various TIBCO products into one integrated unit.  

 Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Company, Sunnyvale CA; Aug 1998 – Jun 1999

Utilized Developer/2000, Release 2.1 to create Reports 3.0 and Forms 5.0 for the FBM SLE program for implementation in both C/S and NCA on the company’s intranet. Utilized Designer/2000 to generate SQL DDL scripts, to create database objects, to modify existing ERD and DDD, and modify existing DB object definitions.

 Oracle Education, Redwood Shores CA; Jul 1998 – Aug 1998

Internal project. Tested Forms, business rules, and made corrections to a test plan.

Nextel, Oakland CA; Jan 1998 – June 1998

Developed data schema diagrams and ERDs for Nextel Help Desk, Customer Care, Mobile Data Service applications using Designer/2000 (D2K). Utilized the D2K Reverse Engineering Utility, Data Schema Diagrammer, Entity-Relationship Diagrammer, and DB DDL script creation utility.

 Oracle Education, Redwood Shores CA; Nov 1997 – Jan 1998

Created and modified SQL*Plus scripts to capture education sales data from Oracle Accounts Receivable and Order Entry tables for transfer to the Oracle Sales Compensation API table.

Boeing, Renton WA; Aug 1997- Oct 1997

Data Collection System/Database Conversion Project (DCS/DCP). Involved converting the DCS database and application from Informix 4.x to Oracle 7.3. DCS resides on multiple HP-UX platforms. Was technical lead for the application portion of DCS/DCP.

 Weyerhaeuser, Federal Way WA                                                       Jan 1995- Jul 1997

Computer Consultant with Murphy and Associates

Oracle Designer/Developer- Designed and developed enhancements to the BOARDSII application. Development involved Oracle RDBMS 7.3, Pro*C, HP-UX shell scripts (ksh), PL/SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers, SQL*Forms 3.0 and 4.5, SQL*Plus, ReportWriter 1.1 and 2.5, CASE 5, Designer/Developer 2000.

Airborne Express, Seattle WA                                                            Jul 1994- Jan 1995

Computer Consultant

Oracle Designer/Developer- Designed and developed enhancements to the ARRIIVE system which is a third party warehousing/inventory control application. Development involved writing Unix shell scripts, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, SQL*Forms 3.0, ReportWriter 1.0, SQL*Menu, ACE Converter.

Motorola, Tempe AZ                                                                          Oct 1993 – Jul 1994

Computer Consultant

Oracle Developer – Oracle Forms/Pro*C/CLIST/ISPF Financial cost tracking system. Included several Pro*C Reports, CLISTs, and SQL*Forms. Made several enhancements  to the forms and reports to make them more generic. Enhanced costing and allocations algorithms.

Rosemount Inc., La Habre, CA                                                        Apr 1990 – Oct 1993

Senior Engineer/Software

Lead Engineer on the ConfiguWrite project. ConfiguWrite is an off-line configuration and documentation tool for a Rosemount distributed process control system, with Oracle SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Menu 5.0, Pro*C User Exits, and Oracle RDBMS 6.0 at the core of its design. Designed and implemented Database Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), tables and Forms prototypes using Oracle CASE. There were over 75 Oracle forms in total.

Magnavox Advanced Products, Torrance, CA                               Jun 1986 – Apr 1990

Scientific Programmer/Analyst

Design, code, integration, test, and documentation of several types of military Global Positioning System (GPS) User Equipment: for highly-dynamic aircraft, ships, vehicles, or hand held. Work emphasis was in input/output processing, Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI), MIL-STD-1553 Interface, ARINC Interface, Dual Port Memory I/O, Control Display Units, and System Integration of software with GPS User Equipment.

Software is entirely real-time/embedded (in EPROM) and was written in FORTRAN, C and Intel 80×86 languages running on a VRTX executive. Development was done on VAX/VMS using MS/VMS and Intel Cross Compilers/Assemblers.


 BS Computer Science, School of Engineering, Arizona State University May 1986


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